dinsdag 7 april 2015



The Phonehouse is a British company that has over 2900 stores over nine countries in Europe. Their goal is to use the next couple of years to expand and strengthen their position as market leader for largest European telecom store. All the more reasons to have a critical look at their website.

Online shopping is starting to take over from physical shopping, and thus, for the Phonehouse to strengthen their position as market leader, they should focus on online sales instead of expanding the amount of stores.

The Phonehouse believes that they differentiate themselves from the competition by offering the best advice, lots of contact points (200 stores in the Netherlands) and being independent of providers (allowing the users to compare providers for the best deal).

Especially the first and the last of those USP’s can be implemented in their webshop. And when executed well through good webdesign, it could help the Phonehouse strengthen their position as market leader.

This report shows a redesign of the current (Dutch) Phonehouse website, based on an extensive analysis where accessibility, functionality and aesthetics were taken into account.
The first part of the report will focus on the analysis of the current webshop, where we looked at the website’s structure as well as its color use and accessibility (for colorblind people). The second part of the report focuses on the functional and aesthetic redesign of the website. For reading the blog we recommend to start reading from the first blogpost. Then you get the right structure of our process.

donderdag 2 april 2015


The Insights by Fabrique will help us by making choices for our redesign. First a selection of different Insights is made based on the lecture of Wouter Middendorf and our own design requirements. In the pictures below the selected Insights are linked to several redesign elements. (Middendorf, W., Insights, Fabrique, 2012)

dinsdag 10 maart 2015


Because the brand identity in our opinion should not be changed,
we decided to keep the blue from the Phonehouse's logo
 We chose a colour palette that fits this blue shade